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Yoga for Body Building and gym 

Unlock your flexibility, stay mobile no matter your age and size and enjoy pain free and injury free life along side your weight lifting. This practice is crucial to maintaining flexibility and staying pain free as you weight lift. Weight lifting makes our bodies look fantastic as well as building strength and muscle, however it's not great when it comes to mobility.


We focus on muscle awareness, injury healing and prevention, post workout. I lift weights 4-5 days per week. I love the gym look, however I  was feeling very stiff after intense  gym  sessions and was collecting all these pains and little  injuries that were bothering me. Now there is not one gym session that is not followed by this post gym yoga session.  No more back pain after doing glutes, little injuries have disappeared and I feel like I can bulk and keep mobile at the same time. 

We can devise a program taylor made to your needs and aim to build your own post-yoga practice which will be yours to keep and use ad infinitum.

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