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About The Healing Central 
and Alessia Avellino, Founder and Director

The Healing Central is a sanctuary for those seeking empowerment through esoteric healing practices and movement such as Yoga and Dance.


Alessia is the founder of The Healing Central. Alessia has been working in the healing arts since 2000. She is a fully qualified Linguist, Fine Artist,  Shamanic Healer. Quantum Healer, Belly dance teacher, Yoga instructor (Jivamukti yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini for Mastering the  Addictive Personality).


She has been offering Astrology readings since 2010, Shamanic Healing and  Quantum  Healing since 2012,  and card readings ever since she can remember. Alessia also works in fine art for healing, paintng Shamanic Power Paintings and Shamanic Drums on demand.

The sessions are an integrated mixture of the above healing modalities, depending on what is required and what each individual most resonates with. 

 The Healing Central  is about harnessing the transformative power of mystical energies and offering a safe space for individuals to explore their spiritual journey, learn, heal and grow.  

The aim of The Healing Central is to offer a place where you can empower yourself and explore different healing modalities to find out which suits you, learn to heal yourself and take charge of your own healing  journey. 

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