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Chakra Readings

A Chakra reading is a comprehensive account of where you are at physically, Spiritually and emotionally. We go through the 7 chakras one by one and see if they are spinning correctly and if their energy needs replenishing.


When chakras are under or overactive it can really affect our lives. A good example of this is a weak or imbalanced root chakra. Here we will feel unsafe and constantly in fight or flight mode, in danger. This makes forming healthy relationships very difficult. We are full of primal fear and act from a child like view of the world, constantly lashing out and feeling very defensive.  Other chakras have similar power which manifests in our behaviours. 

The subconscious drives what we manifest in life, so the chakra reading is great at spotting those hidden areas that may be limiting our abundance in all aspects of life, healing those areas and begin to feel more in control of our lives and of our own healing .

chakra reading balancing near me
chakra reading balancing near me
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