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Goddess Isis Healing Bellydance & Astrology 

Find out what ancient Belly dance movements were really about and how they relate to The Physical, Emotional, Spiritual body and the Yogic Chakra System.

Isis Goddess Healing Belly dance is about connecting with our natural rhythm and feeling the movements from within,  finding and releasing tension from deep places in the body and celebrating getting in touch with ourselves. We will be looking at how dance movements relate to the chakras,  and what that means for every person and their ancestral line. 

The aim of this workshop is to learn a movement and make it yours, so that your dance will always be authentic. This is why we dance in a circle rather than in front of a mirror.

We begin the session by looking at our astral chart and identifying areas of potential and healing according to current transits as well as our original birth chart, we set intentions and dance. 

We use the energy of the group to clear anything that is in the way of our full prosperous life, which is our birthright. This is a lot of fun, as well as a work out and most of all a Sacred Ceremony. You may get flashbacks of other lifetimes in which you used to perform healing rituals while you dance, keep yourself open to huge healing, shifts and revelations. 

There is something very powerful about us getting together to heal.

Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, skirts are fine, and bring a coin belt if you have one (If you don't you can borrow one of mine).  We use the coin belt as a personal sound healing instrument. 

Belly Dance Healing Classes Astrology near me
Belly Dance Healing Goddess Astrology near me
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